If a Business Unit or Process

does not live up to expectations, it is an indicator of that it is time to identify areas of improvement.

How can we add value to your business?

As a CEO, Chairman or Business Owner, you have identified a performance issue, however it is unlikely have the time to go into detail with day-to-day operations and prepare a detailed process analysis, or alternatively you wish to have an independent third party advisor's assessment of the situation.

At SOLUTION CATALYST, we help you make the analysis, map current challenges and processes, identify and implement improvements and as a result create a more optimised company and business processes.

A selection of possible services


To be able to lead and create optimizations, management information is a very important tool for creating transparency.


Optimising business processes is a discipline that is essential, but is difficult to cover on top of the daily operation.

Incentive program

To unite the leadership team and organization behind the necessary changes and improvements, the incentive program is a powerful tool.