Business and Process Optimisation

To get more out of what you already have

Do you have a business unit or a process where you are not satisfied with the performance, but do not have the resources to lead an improvement project, SOLUTION CATALYST can optimise that for you. It may also be the case that your business has been through a period of
strong growth and there is a need to review all the processes and system, as there a risk for they have not been able to cope with the growth.

Some example of areas:

Business Unit

It can be one business unit or a subsidiary that does not meet the expected performance, e.g. by deteriorating revenue and/or earnings or by not delivering profit at a satisfactory level. There is therefore a need for a dedicated and specific action plan to optimize the business unit.

Supply Chain

Inefficiency in the Supply Chain processes can be costly both from a pure cost point of view however also from a loss of revenue Point of view due to customer dissatisfaction. It can therefore provide
a substantial earnings improvement to get the Supply Chain processes optimised.

Sales Management

Effective sales management usually requires a very structural set of process to ensure optimal lead generation, lead qualification, opportunity review and optimal allocation a sales resource for the right bids. Doing that you always get the best performance out of your well-qualified sales force. Therefore, it can bring value to review and optimise these processes regularly.

Billing and Invoicing

Over time, the company's business models, systems, go-to-market or contracts to adapt to the market conditions creating gaps in invoicing processes, which is resulting in loss of revenue. The complexity and the direct tangible improvement of the bottom line optimisation of this process makes, makes it interesting to review and optimise at regular intervals.

How can we support you?

SOLUTION CATALYST offers you to do their end-to-end analysis of your process or business unit, create business case for required improvement actions and assist you with the implementation,

    • Business optimisation
    • Supply Chain analysis
    • Invoice process optimisation
    • Process design
    • Design and implementation of IT business application e.g. as ERP