As a CFO or Finance Director you may sometimes have a bit of a solitary feeling, as you are the only executive specialist in your field in your organisation It could be to discuss the possible solutions to a given problem or perhaps get ideas for how others have approached a similar issue .

Peer Discussion

Sparring with another person with the same professional background and experience in ones own area of expertise most often provides a deeper discussion of issue, which equips the CFO to give even more in collaboration with the peers and provides the opportunity to contribute even more value to the company.

Possible Topics


How to build the finance function so it supports and underpins to the company's business model


How the finance function stays relevant and support new requirements from the business and how the finance function can be transformed to be business-enabling unit


How the finance function can be optimised to achieve best performance at lowest possible cost or best practice with offshore deliveries, when parts or all of the finance function is offshored

It can also be completely everyday issues like contract accounting and controlling, KPI definitions, cost controlling and alike.

How can we support you?

SOLUTION CATALYST offers to be your daily sparring partner both for the minor and the big questions you may have as Finance leader, so you can discuss these issues with another finance professional. We can of course also help to implement solutions to identified challenges, if desired and seen as the optimal solution for you.

    • Sparring partner
    • Experienced Specialist
    • Second opinion
    • Projects
    • CFO-as-a-service