Interim Leadership

An urgent need for an experienced leader to close the vacancy

Your company may face an urgent need for extra leadership hands for a few months. This can occur in any business due various reasons and most companies do not have available resources to absorb these kind of challenges.

A need for an interim leader can arise due to a number of events

It can be due to transformation programmes, new/difficult projects or a leadership gap due to sudden resignation, illness, promotion, assignments etc. and the successor candidate is not yet ready to step up to the challenges

How can we support you?

SOLUTON CATALYST offers an experienced leader who quickly understands the company's challenges, goals and strategies, and who emphasizes strong collaboration with the leadership team and a desire to reflect the company's culture in every action. The core competencies are:
  • Finance and Administration
  • IT
  • Operational Leadership
  • Supply Chain
    • Experienced leader
    • Focus on value creation
    • Strong collaboration
    • Imbeds with the culture
    • Solution oriented