Turn-around Leadership

  Problem identification, solution and plan execution

The difficult trade-off

It is a very stressful situation for the entire organisation when a company is lossmaking and require a Turn-around. Leadership and the employees still need to ensure a satisfactory delivery to their customers, and sometimes the organisation even need to cope with a strong growth in the customer base.

All the day-to-day tasks required for the company to run e.g. the administrative tasks must be carried out as well, and it can therefore be difficult for the leadership team to both run the daily operations and leading a turn-around project.

The 6 stages of a Turn-Around

  1. Analyse and stabilize the current operating model, as well as establish the financial Run-rate

  2. Define the thesis of potential changes, transformations, restructuring and test if they can deliver the expected benefits

  3. Define the target operating model

  4. Implement the target operating model by implementing the defined changes, transformations, restructuring defined by the gap to the new model

  5. Continue to recalculate the financial run-rate and reviewing steps 1 to 4 for new initiatives until the financial run-rate is satisfactory

  6. Stabilise the new operating model

How can we support you?

SOLUTION CATALYST can both support your business by managing and leading an already defined turn-around, support run-rate models, modelling and calculations, and help your business through all the steps of the process.

    • Profitability analyse
    • Organisation analysis
    • Turn-around plan
    • Run-rate models
    • Turn-around leadership
    • Process analysis